My First Wedding Bags Order

My First Wedding Bags Order

bombshell bags on grass_cropped

Calligraphy tote bags from my first bridal party collection.

My first order for bridesmaid gifts was quite frankly an accident. I had been selling journals and art prints for a while when I decided to try my hand at screen printing. I was fascinated by the entire process of screen printing – creating the design, burning it to a screen, layering the different colors, and the unique creations that could come from it. After a lot of trial and error (read: A LOT), I finally had some tote bags that I felt I could be proud of and might actually sell. I posted it in my online shop, hoping a few people would just look at it. To my shock, I sold two bags in the first 24 hours of the totes being posted. Suddenly I was getting custom requests for all kinds of tote bags. There was one request, though, that really caught my attention. I was asked to create bags for a girl’s bridesmaids for her upcoming wedding. She wanted something that was not only functional, but pretty and fun.

After a bit of designing, and redesigning, I ended up with a unique set of bridal party bags that I would excited about if I was a bridesmaid. They were simple, and classic, and chic. In fact, I still sell this exact design to this day. After that order, the wedding bags orders continued to pour in. I didn’t set out at the beginning of my business journey to be in the wedding business, or even to sell bags, but as luck would have it, that is what found me, and I’m so glad it did!

i like big books and i cannot lie

The first tote bag I ever sold “I Like Big Books and I Cannot Lie”


“Bride” calligraphy tote bag from my first bridal party collection.


“Maid of Honor” calligraphy tote bag from my first bridal party collection.


“Bridesmaid” calligraphy tote bag from my first bridal party collection.

xoxo Meaghan

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