Gifts for your Bridesmaids

Gifts for your Bridesmaids

Metallic Gold Tattoos for your Bride Tribe

When gifting Wedding Bags totes to their bridesmaids or bachelorette party attendees, brides rarely give just the bag alone. I get asked quite often for suggestions of what other gifts to fill the personalized totes with. Putting together the gift bags can be such a fun process, as you can make the bags completely tailored to your personal style or the personalities of your girls. Classy, well-made (and affordable) bridesmaid and bachelorette gifts or favors can be pretty hard to find.

I plan to offer a carefully curated collection of classy bridesmaid and bachelorette gifts on the Wedding Bags website this upcoming Spring. You’ll be able to first choose your bag design and then choose the goodies to go inside (how easy is that?!).

But I need your help. I have a lot of fabulous gifts lined up for the collection, but I would love to have your input. What kinds of gifts do you want to be able to give your bridesmaids? What kinds of favors would you love to be able to include as part of your bachelorette party?

  • Getting ready robes and/or button-down collared shirts. Robes are now available!
  • Metallic “Flash” tattoos now available here!
  • Jewelry
  • Personalized gifts see our personalized gifts here!
  • Bridal Party T-Shirts/Tank Tops/Apparel
  • Candles
  • Perfume
  • Essential Oils
  • Bridal Party Wine Glasses/Champagne Flutes/Tumblers/Koozies
  • Will you be my Bridesmaid Cards/Gifts now available here!
  • Eye masks
  • Survival Kits
  • Bridal Party Themed Handkerchiefs
  • Bridal Party Koozies
  • Glittery Drink Tumblers

What else? If you have been a bridesmaid, what were your favorite or most memorable gifts that you received? What do you think would have been fun to receive? What have been the most fun bachelorette party favors that you’ve received? Let me know in the comments section!

xoxo Meaghan


20+ Gift Ideas for Your Bridesmaids


  1. Wow, so many great ideas! When I got married, I sent my out-of-town bridesmaids a flight care package. It was really small (and TSA approved), but had items they might forget, like lotion, lip balm, sleep mask, gum, warm socks…my feet always get cold on flights, lol. Great post! I remember struggling to come up with nice gifts that were affordable but fun, so this should be useful to a lot of brides-to-be!

  2. Samantha says:

    I love these! I wish I would have thought a little more outside the box when I got married-my girls would have adored some of these! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Oh wow! Love this.
    How about personalized slippers or foldable bootees because wearing heels all day can look fabulous, but can also be a total killer on the feet and hurt like hell when it’s time to boogie down on the dance floor. Also, how about personalized cell phone battery pack chargers? No one wants to run out of juice on the big day. :-) I hope I was able to help.

    • Wedding Bags says:

      Those are some awesome ideas that I totally didn’t think of! I love the slippers/shoes idea and I’m always known for having a dead phone. Both would be thoughtful and practical!

  4. This is awesome! I gave my bridesmaids personalized bags, candles, little bottles of wine (for those old enough!) and jewelry. A robe would have been a great edition!!! This is an awesome list for future brides!!

  5. I seriously love the idea of temporary tattoos!! They are so fun!!

  6. I really like the tattoo idea and tumblers!

  7. I love anything to do with nail kits/polish are always fun to add in as favors. I think my favorite gift has been a night before the wedding we did a whole spa party-masseuse, mani & pedi’s…it was awesome!

  8. I love the robes and essential oils! The metallic tattoos are super cute and fun – I’ve never seen that before! I would also add in an assortment of scarves or pashminas, maybe fun prints and styles, not just solid colors.

  9. I love all the options you shared – honestly anything else I think of seems not as great! Maybe flasks?

  10. Love this list! A lot of Brides are renting houses for the night before the wedding and having their girls stay the night for a little pre-wedding sleepover. How cute would it be to have a grown up slumber party kit with monogrammed pillow cases, nail polish, slip of champers, etc?

    • Wedding Bags says:

      Ahhhh I love this idea! My sister rented a loft for the night before her wedding for all the bridesmaids to stay at. I’ve heard of a lot of girls doing the same thing. A grown-up slumber party kit would be so cute!

  11. Elizabeth Villemaire says:

    Omg! I’m getting married in September and having these additional options would make my life so much easier to decide what to get

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