Bachelorette Party Idea: Glamping

Bachelorette Party Idea: Glamping

Bachelorette Glamping

Camping Bachelorette Party Ideas

You might be thinking, camping?! For my bachelorette party?! I know, I know, not all girls are into camping, but glamping, short for “glamorous camping” is really another story. This does not have to be roughing it in the woods with one roll of toilet paper (unless that’s your kind of thing). Glamping is much more, well, glamorous. We’re talking luxury in the great outdoors with tipis, high-end tents, beds, and often modern amenities such as A/C and running water. Getting back to nature with your girlfriends is a relaxing escape from wedding planning and a wonderful time to recharge and reconnect.

Need help planning your glamping adventure? You can find glamping resorts on GlampingHub, similar to Air BNB, or look for unique accommodations such as tipis, wigwams and vintage trailers at campsites in your area through KOA!

Bachelorette Glamping Camping


Our picks for your glamping adventure:

Roasting marshmallows becomes gourmet with dark chocolate and artisan graham crackers.

Create a rustic, but glamorous tablescape for meals and treats.

Oversized cushions in a fun pattern make the perfect floor seat around the table!

This floral chair is so functional for camping and still so pretty! Find it here.

Vintage, renovated campers are such a fun way to camp in comfort and make for some pretty awesome instagram pics!

Pack some wine, cheese and sweet treats instead usual camping fare.

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  1. i love these ideas!!! this is such a great idea. what better way to really spend quality time with people you care about!

  2. Tyrenda Pentecost says:

    Love this great idea.

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