How to Give a Kick Ass Maid of Honor Toast

How to Give a Kick Ass Maid of Honor Toast

Tips for Giving a Memorable Maid of Honor Toast

Taking the pressure out of the Maid of Honor Toast

Being the Maid of Honor in a friend’s wedding is so much fun and such a special honor. When I was my sister’s Maid of Honor there was so much that went into preparing for the wedding alongside my sister: dress shopping, planning the bachelorette party, organizing all of the bridesmaids. But I’ll be honest, nothing scared me more or caused me more stress than preparing for my wedding toast! Public speaking may come easily to some people, but my guess is that most of us are going to experience some level of anxiety over writing and giving the perfect toast. So much pressure!

We’ve compiled some tips and ideas to help you write your perfect toast and show your love for the bride and groom!

You can get creative like these two sisters, or follow these three simple tips:

Toast Tip #1: Don’t forget the Groom!  

It’s his day, too, so don’t leave him out of your speech!  Talk about what makes him the perfect match for your BFF. Tell stories that include the two of them, if nothing specific comes to mind, maybe share about the first day you met him. If you don’t know the groom well, channel your inner Veronica Mars and get some inside scoop from the groomsmen when they have had one too many. If the groomsmen refuse to spill some funny stories, seek out the sisters, or better yet mommy dearest who will have all the dirt.


Toast Tip #2: Sprinkle in some early memories

Who doesn’t love to hear stories about the bride? If it weren’t for weddings, these embarrassing stories would only come out around the dinner table at holidays when too much wine has been served. You know the ones I’m talking about…like that time the both of you accidentally ate yellow snow. How about when you almost missed the plane to Vegas? Make sure to get the audience involved! No one else will appreciate an inside joke that is just between the two of you. Also, do a gut check on if the bride can laugh at herself, or would be OK with 200 of her closest friends and family hearing the story.


Toast Tip #3: Be you, Not Ellen

You’re not hosting the Grammy’s here. There’s no need to impress the lady in the white dress with a speech that is not authentic to who you are. After all, that is why she chose you as her Maid of Honor, and second-in-command on her big day! If you’re a classic jokester, then include jokes in your speech. If you’re more reserved and serious, then by all means, dial up the sap, and leave the room in tears. The only way you’ll get a scene like the one in 27 Dresses, when Katherine Hegel’s character single-handedly ruins the wedding with her speech, is if you are not being honest to your own unique style.


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