8 Wedding Planning Apps to Download After You Get Engaged

8 Wedding Planning Apps to Download After You Get Engaged

Eight Wedding Planning Apps to Download After You Get Engaged

Eight Wedding Planning Apps to Help You Prepare for Your Wedding

Wedding planning can be stressful. REALLY stressful. It can feel like a neverending list of to-dos and expenses during what should be one of the happiest times of your life. We’ve gathered eight apps that will help simplify you’re wedding planning and help take the stress out of the process, leaving more time for relaxing with your fiancé and mimosa dates with your bridesmaids!

Wedding Planner by the Knot

The Knot is the go-to website for all brides. Use their #1-rated app to help take away the stress of planning your big day. This app will inspire you with unique wedding ideas for any budget, allow you to communicate with vendors, and even has an option to create a countdown until your wedding day!


The Appy Couple

“Everything you need in one place.” Create a website and app to tell your love story and communicate the deets that all of your guests will need. From RSVPs, to photo sharing, and chat abilities, you’ll look so trendy and techy to your guests.



Don’t stress about how you’ll look in your dress. You just got engaged, and you have plenty of time to work on that wedding bod. MyFitnessPal allows you to track your food and exercise to help you get in the best shape before you exchange vows. Months from now, you’ll feel confident walking down the aisle.


Dark Sky, weather app  

Just clear skies and wedding bells. Use Dark Sky, the most accurate weather app, with down-to-the-minute forecasts at your exact location. The New York Times claims it’s smart and “stunning.” Use the time machine feature to see the weather in the past, and in the future. It’s the perfect tool for picking your date based on historical weather data, and also predicting the weather months ahead of the day.


RightGift, registry app

Register for any item at any store. With Right Gift you can also ask for monetary gifts towards travel or charities. Register for matching golf sets, movies for date night, and goodies from Ulta. The possibilities for your registry are now endless. Happy shopping with OPM! (Other people’s money)


TripIt, travel app  

Get your master itinerary for the honeymoon and access it from any device. TripIt keeps your travel plans organized and in one place. No more scouring through email for flight and hotel confirmations. You can also selectively share your travel plans with people, and it syncs with your calendar. Say Au Revoir to your anxiety, and hello to honeymooning!


Trello, organization and collaboration app    

Before you say “I Do,” you’ll need to take care of all those “To Do’s.” Trello, is the ultimate electronic to-do list. You can create different (project) boards, color code to your hearts desire, and attach links and pics. Think of Trello as the new digital corkboard. You can also share your boards with friends and family, and assign them tasks. This way you can give your mom and future MIL things to do without them getting into everything! Your maids could also use the platform to help with planning your bridal shower and bachelorette party.


Mint, budgeting app 

Have a wedding budget? You’ll impress your future hubby, and please your parents by tracking your spending towards the big day. Mint will allow you to organize your budget, and create custom categories for spending. Use the Mint app to add your own tags as you spend on the go! Not only will you come in on budget, but you’ll also start your marriage off on a good note. With the help of Mint, your first fight as a married couple won’t be about the green.


What other apps have you found useful in your wedding planning process? Share your recommendations in the comments!

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