Quiz: Which Season is Best for Your Wedding?

Quiz: Which Season is Best for Your Wedding?

Quiz What Season Should You Get Married

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Quiz: What Season Should You Get Married In?

Take this quiz if you’re unsure about what time of year you want to have your wedding. Even if you do have a season in mind, you may be surprised by your results!

Click through to take our quiz and decide which season is right for your wedding!


  1. How important is having an outdoor wedding to you?

    a. Not at all. I prefer to be inside with the A/C so my hair and make-up stay put.
    b. Very important. I’ve dreamed of a backyard wedding my entire life. I’ve watched Father of the Bride 200 times.

  2. Where does your family live?

    a. Most of my family lives within driving distance. I’m a total daddy’s girl.
    b. My family is spread out. I prefer that I only see them during major holidays.

  3. What is your skin type?

    a. I always have a square on my forehead in pictures.
    b. Moisturizer is my BFF.

  4. When is your birthday?

    a. From March to August. My birthday celebration is always outside.
    b. From September to February. I hate when people combine my birthday with the holidays.

  5. What are your drinks of choice?

    a. I love Moscow mules, bourbon, hard cider, and red wine.
    b. I’m a margarita, rose sangria, grapefruit beer, and piña colada kind a gal.

  6. What is your hair type?

    a. My hair frizzes with any percent of humidity.
    b. No matter what I do, I cannot get volume!

  7. What kind of flowers do you like?

    a. Roses & poinsettias. I love berries, grasses, and leaves.
    b. Wildflowers & Hydrangeas. I think daises are the friendliest flower.

  8. What are your favorite flavors of cake?

    a. Spice, Devil’s food, and red velvet. I’m addicted to PSLs.
    b. Cake? Where’s the ice cream? If I had to choose, I like strawberry and lemon.

  9. Do you look better in cool tones or warm tones?

    a. I’m all about blues, purples, and teals.
    b. Peach, red, and yellow are my colors.

  10. Are you a football fan?

    a. Is that the one where they score home runs?
    b. My weekends are booked starting August until Super Bowl.

The Results

  • If you answered mostly A’s: Fall/Winter. Looks like you’ll be walking down the aisle when leaves or snow is falling!
  • If you answered mostly B’s: Spring/Summer. Grab your shades. You’re family will thank you for not having your wedding during prime football season.


What were your results? I’d love to hear what season are you planning to have your wedding in and why!

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