Drafting Your Team: Choosing Your Maid of Honor and Bridesmaids

Drafting Your Team: Choosing Your Maid of Honor and Bridesmaids

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A Football Lover’s Guide to Picking Your Bridesmaids

He proposed! Now that you’ve picked the man you want to spend your life with, it’s time to choose the ladies in your life that will stand by you on the big day. Totally overwhelmed with the task? Check out these tips to help you select your #teambride.  Get ready for the bridesmaid draft!

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First round draft pick: the family (yours and his)

You know your sisters are like your lifelong teammates, so they are automatically built-in bridesmaids. You’ve been practicing with them for years, and now it’s game day. Like it or not, your sisters are going to be on your team forever, and now so are his. Whether you girls have become BFFs or not, they have been in his life from day one, too, so you should include them in the big day.


Second round draft pick: your childhood friends

Once you’ve locked in your can’t miss prospects (aka the fam), it’s now onto the second round, your original recruits. Whether these are the girls that lived next door, or friends from third grade, they deserve to be scouted. If you still keep in touch and they know all of the pre-season deets, they should definitely be a second round pick. Don’t feel obligated to make an offer if there has been a little bit of a fumble over the years, though.


Third round draft pick:  your high school friends

These were the days when Friday night lights were the most important events in your week. Consider them your cheerleaders through your first heartbreak, but now you’ve found the real deal.  Even if you’ve been in their wedding, it’s time to decide if you still need them suit up or be on the sidelines for the most important event of your life.


Fourth round draft pick: your college friends

These are your more recent recruits. You rooted for the same team for years together at tailgates and campus bars. They may have been your “locker” roommates, and you’ve spent late nights studying your playbook. These ladies were there to see what kind of player you turned out to be. Now that you’re the captain of teambride (aka the league manager), they have an important role in diversifying your team.


Fifth round draft pick: your post grad friends

These are your rookies. They were the latest ladies to join the league, and many of them are your MVP’s. You can’t trade down these gals, as you have shared many laughs over happy hour, and movie nights watching classics like Remember the Titans. They may have even been there to chat after your first date with the one, or were the ones who introduced you to him. You need them as your starters!


If you’ve gone through the draft process and selected your stars for the big day but still have some openings, don’t forget about those free agents. You could have overlooked them in the process; maybe they didn’t fit into one of these categories.  They are your wildcards, who could make a comeback by exceeding your expectations, making your day the ultimate Cinderella story.


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How did you decide who made the cut into your bridal party? We’d love to hear about who you chose and how you asked your bridesmaids!

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