Wedding Dress Shopping 101: Who Should You Invite?

Wedding Dress Shopping 101: Who Should You Invite?

Wedding Dress Shopping 101 Who Should You Invite

Who Should You Invite When You Go Wedding Dress Shopping?

The people that you bring with you to pick out your wedding dress are almost as important as the dress itself. It’s an incredibly special moment for you and your closest friends and family. On the other hand,  there can be hurt feelings if someone who really wanted to be included was not. And of course, do you really need to invite your future mother in law? Here are our suggestions for the people you should bring on the hunt for your wedding dress.

    • Your BFF

She was the one who helped you pick out your homecoming dress in 9th grade. She knew what you liked then, and she’ll know what you like now. She’ll make sure you stay classy, but not look like you’re getting married in 1955.

    • Your Sister

Whether she is older or younger, you know she’ll tell you the truth. She told you not get bangs, and even though you didn’t listen then, hopefully you’ll trust her advice now for your big day.

    • Your Mom

She’s been dreaming about this day since the doctor told her that she was having a girl. She may be upset because you don’t want to wear her dress, but she’ll need a box of tissues when she sees you in “the one.”

    • Your Grandma

Don’t forget about Nana! She’ll keep your mom and your sister in line when they disagree about the cut of the neckline. She may seem old fashioned, but she’ll be happy to just be included.

    • Your New Mother in Law

This may be a little weird, but after all, she has been dreaming of this day, too, so let her join in on the fun! You’ll have to learn to get along eventually, because you’ll be sharing a last name soon. Plus, the brownie points you’ll score will be well worth it!


As always, remember to say thank you! You could put together a personalized tote for each person with a mini bottle of champagne and some gourmet gummi bears to enjoy while watching you try on dresses. Your mom and your future mother in law can join in on the fun with Mother of the Bride and Groom gifts too!

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Wedding Dress Shopping: Who Should You Invite? Say Yes to the Dress: Wedding Dress Shopping 101 Who to invite when you go wedding dress shopping

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