Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love

Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love

Unique Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love5 Unique Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love

Growing up, party favors were always the best part of any event. What happened?!  When did party favors at a wedding become boring and useless? Here are five ideas for wedding favors that will win your guests over and set your special day apart. Kiss those bubbles or after dinner mints goodbye!

Scratch Those Candy Covered Almonds for a Scratch Off Lottery Ticket 

Speaking of winning your guests over, give your guests the chance to win big by letting them take home a little something to test their luck.  Even if they don’t win, for richer or for poorer, right?  After all, you’re getting lucky tonight, hopefully your guests do, too! These personalized cards can hold either a lottery or scratch ticket… maybe someone will win big with these wedding favors!

Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love: Lottery Ticket Holder

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Mini Alcohol Bottles to Keep the Party Going  

Your guests are feeling happy and dancing the night away, so give them the original adult party favor. A little bottle of Jack with a mini bottle of Coke for 1 AM, or mini champagne bottle and OJ for the morning after will be just the ticket. We love this cute presentation dressed up with a little twine and striped paper straws from Le Petits Presents:

Mini Jack Daniels and Coke Wedding Favors

photo courtesy of le petits presents

Late Night Munchies: Popcorn, Salsa, and Donuts  

If a nightcap isn’t cutting it, treat your friends and family to your favorite midnight snack.  Let your guests indulge a little more after the cake is gone with goodies like popcorn, chips and salsa, or donuts. Everyone loves a little late night junk food. Attach a cute note like “Thanks for Popping in,” or “You Spiced our Wedding Up,” to make your guilty pleasures not feel so guilty. Check out these cute hot sauce favors from Love is A Big Deal:

Mini Hot Sauce Wedding Favors

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Create  your own mini hot sauce favors by buying hot sauce in bulk and pouring them into mini bottles. Adorn them with a cute custom label and a little twine or washi tape!

Hangover Relief Kit to Remedy a Night to Remember

Hangovers don’t last forever, but the memories do. Give your guests a little TLC the next morning with some essentials. Travel sized Mouthwash, Ibuprofen, Starbucks coffee, eye drops, and Gatorade are just the bare necessities. Get creative to show your guests you care for them in sicknesses and in health.

Hangover Relief Kit Wedding Favors

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Jam: Spread the Love at Brunch the Next Day

Preserve the moments from the night with some good old fashioned jam.  Your family and friends will love this sweet beginning to their day and to your marriage. Pick your favorite fruits, and they’ll know your big day was jammed packed with love.

Jam Wedding Favors

photo courtesy of Ruffled Blog

Find more ideas for unique wedding favors on our Pinterest!

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5 Unique Ideas for Wedding Favors

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