18 Things You Need for a Fiesta Bachelorette Party

18 Things You Need for a Fiesta Bachelorette Party

fiesta bachelorette party favors

So, you’re headed south of the border for a Mexican bachelorette fiesta? Let us help you plan the party with 18 bachelorette favors you won’t be able to fiesta without!

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Fiesta Siesta Tequila Repeat

That’s the game plan, right? Say it with a tote you can carry all of your beach-day essentials around in:

Fiesta Siesta Tequila Repeat Tote

Fiesta Siesta Tequila Repeat Tote

Or a makeup bag for creating hangover kits:

Fiesta Makeup Bag

Meet the cabana boy Chad…

Never lose your drink with these Drink Buddies…. Each cabana boy will protect your drink during the bachelorette party and will look good doing it!

Drink Buddies Fiesta Bachelorette Party Drink Buddies Bachelorette Party Bachelorette Party Drink Buddies
Drink Buddies Drink Markers

One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila…. Floor?

Sombrero Shot Glasses

These mini sombrero shooters are just the excuse you need to throw back some tequila!

Adios Bitchachos!

Keep your hands dry and your drinks cold with some on-point koozies:

Adios Bitchachos Koozie Fiesta Like There's No Manana Koozie
Adios Bitchachos Koozie Fiesta Like There’s No Manana Koozie



This Cute AF Sombrero Headband

Sombrero Head Band

Get one for each bridesmaid and then attach a mini veil to one for the bride! Make one yourself or get them here!

Taco Bout a Party Cactus Balloons

Taco Bout a Party!

A bachelorette fiesta wouldn’t be complete without tacos and giant balloons! Get the look:

Cactus Fiesta Balloon Taco Pinata Gold Letter Balloons
Giant Cactus Balloon Taco Pinata  Gold Letter Balloons

Margarita Cookies!

margarita cookies

These margarita and lime iced sugar cookies look almost too good to eat! Find the tutorial on Pinterest!

Cactus-Themed Everything

fiesta cactus tote for a bachelorette party

Throw together the perfect bachelorette gift bag for the girls with some succulent printed sneaks, an aztec-inspired throw and a cactus tote!

Cactus Patterned Makeup Bag

Cactus Printed Makeup Bag for tequila-fueled shenanigans with a card that will be pretty much sum up the trip.

Cactus Party Cups

How cute are these cactus party cups?! Make sure to get the matching plates too!

cactus plates and napkins

Need more inspiration? Follow our Fiesta Bachelorette Party Pinterest board!

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