My First Wedding Bags Order

bombshell bags on grass_cropped

Calligraphy tote bags from my first bridal party collection.

My first order for bridesmaid gifts was quite frankly an accident. I had been selling journals and art prints for a while when I decided to try my hand at screen printing. I was fascinated by the entire process of screen printing – creating the design, burning it to a screen, layering the different colors, and the unique creations that could come from it. After a lot of trial and error (read: A LOT), I finally had some tote bags that I felt I could be proud of and might actually sell. I posted it in my online shop, hoping a few people would just look at it. To my shock, I sold two bags in the first 24 hours of the totes being posted. Suddenly I was getting custom requests for all kinds of tote bags. There was one request, though, that really caught my attention. I was asked to create bags for a girl’s bridesmaids for her upcoming wedding. She wanted something that was not only functional, but pretty and fun. But wait, there’s more!

My Passion

facebook customer review 1aFor as long as I can remember, all of my life, I have been making and creating. As a child, I was always working on some art project, and then turning around and trying to sell it or turn it into a business. So I guess it’s no surprise that I ended up in a creative field, even after years spent in the corporate world. Although I enjoyed my career in analytics, I would constantly find myself counting down the time until I could get home and I could spend my nights painting, designing, printing – just creating in general! But wait, there’s more!