Matching Robes for Flower Girls and Junior Bridesmaids

Matching Robes for Flower Girls and Junior Bridesmaids

Don’t Forget Your Flower Girl!

Your flower girl will feel all grown up getting ready with you and your bridesmaids. Now you can include your flower girl in the matching robe trend, with mini robes for flower girls and junior bridesmaids! Our flower girl robes are available in the following floral patterns: ivory, coral, purple, blue, light blue, pink, and black.

Our mini robes are available for toddlers through pre-teens (sizes 4, 8, and 12). You can see our sizing recommendations in the shop.

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Ivory Toddler Robe

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Creative Ways to Announce Your Engagement Around the Holidays

Creative Holiday Engagement Announcements

Creative Holiday Engagement Announcement Ideas

YAY! You just got engaged, now it’s time to let everyone know! Tired of the typical ring and engagement announcement selfies? Here are some creative and festive ways to share your engagement news with your friends and family.
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Bridesmaid Craft Party with the Gild Collective

Wedding Bags Bridesmaid Craft Party


Bridesmaid Craft Party with the Gild Collective

Bridesmaid Craft Party with Wedding Bags and the Gild Collective

Bridesmaid Craft Party with Wedding Bags and the Gild Collective

This summer, we have been working on putting together fun events for brides and their bridesmaids in the Cincinnati area. So often, wedding planning can be a stressful whirlwind for everyone involved and we wanted to provide an opportunity for brides and their closest girlfriends to slow down and enjoy the process. For our first event, we partnered with the ladies at the Gild Collective to put on a bridesmaid craft party at the amazing Rhinegeist Brewery. (Side note: if you aren’t familiar with the Gild Collective, I highly recommend you check them out. Rachel and Kelsey put together ridiculously fun craft parties for you and your friends. They design the DIY projects from start to finish and provide all of the supplies and instruction you need to create something beautiful.)

Gild Collective Morse Code Necklace

Gild Collective Morse Code Necklace

At the event, each person got everything they needed to make a Morse Code Necklace, on which they could spell out anything they wanted. It was the perfect gift for bridal parties and is such a fun alternative to initial necklaces that are so popular for bridesmaid gifts. Partygoers each also received one of our Pop the Bubbly totes and a choice of delicious beer from Rhinegeist Brewery. Brides and their bridal parties were able to drink, mingle and enjoy some tasty treats from Cate’s Cookie Kitchen and Happy Chicks Bakery while they worked on their crafts!

Pop the Bubbly Totes

Everyone got their own “Pop the Bubbly” Tote

We had so much fun and we are hoping to host more events like this in the future for brides and their girls to celebrate before the big day. What kinds of crafts or workshops would you be interested in seeing?

Check out the gallery of photos from Okota Wedding Photography from the event below. We hope to see you at our next party!

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How to Choose Your Bridesmaids

Tips for Choosing Your Bridesmaids

Tips for Choosing Your Bridal Party

Since I’m not originally from Cincinnati and my home is in Washington I knew that not many of my friends and family would want to make the trek out to Ohio for my wedding. Choosing my bridesmaids was easy for me. They were both my best friends in college. My fiancé always thought that the number of bridesmaids and groomsman had to match but I’m not too worried about following tradition. Although he will have more people in his party than I will, I don’t think it will be or look strange at all. I mean who doesn’t love an unconventional wedding?

If you’re stuck on how to choose your bridal party, here’s my advice: think about what purpose the bridal party will serve in your wedding. Once you figure that out, it will become much easier to decide whom to ask. But wait, there’s more!

Bachelorette Party Idea: Glamping

Bachelorette Glamping

Camping Bachelorette Party Ideas

You might be thinking, camping?! For my bachelorette party?! I know, I know, not all girls are into camping, but glamping, short for “glamorous camping” is really another story. This does not have to be roughing it in the woods with one roll of toilet paper (unless that’s your kind of thing). Glamping is much more, well, glamorous. We’re talking luxury in the great outdoors with tipis, high-end tents, beds, and often modern amenities such as A/C and running water. Getting back to nature with your girlfriends is a relaxing escape from wedding planning and a wonderful time to recharge and reconnect. But wait, there’s more!

Gifts for your Bridesmaids

Metallic Gold Tattoos for your Bride Tribe

When gifting Wedding Bags totes to their bridesmaids or bachelorette party attendees, brides rarely give just the bag alone. I get asked quite often for suggestions of what other gifts to fill the personalized totes with. Putting together the gift bags can be such a fun process, as you can make the bags completely tailored to your personal style or the personalities of your girls. Classy, well-made (and affordable) bridesmaid and bachelorette gifts or favors can be pretty hard to find.

I plan to offer a carefully curated collection of classy bridesmaid and bachelorette gifts on the Wedding Bags website this upcoming Spring. You’ll be able to first choose your bag design and then choose the goodies to go inside (how easy is that?!). But wait, there’s more!

My Sister’s Wedding

Beautiful ‘maids in their

bridesmaid robes

and with their personalized totes!

11141229_867245213366808_5835725982958689673_n   bridesmaids bowing   11825018_867245230033473_387992936462458480_n
This past summer, my little sister got married. We’re only a year and half apart in age, so growing up we were really close in age. Sometimes that meant not liking each other a whole lot though. However, we grew a lot closer when we ended up at the same college.
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My First Wedding Bags Order

bombshell bags on grass_cropped

Calligraphy tote bags from my first bridal party collection.

My first order for bridesmaid gifts was quite frankly an accident. I had been selling journals and art prints for a while when I decided to try my hand at screen printing. I was fascinated by the entire process of screen printing – creating the design, burning it to a screen, layering the different colors, and the unique creations that could come from it. After a lot of trial and error (read: A LOT), I finally had some tote bags that I felt I could be proud of and might actually sell. I posted it in my online shop, hoping a few people would just look at it. To my shock, I sold two bags in the first 24 hours of the totes being posted. Suddenly I was getting custom requests for all kinds of tote bags. There was one request, though, that really caught my attention. I was asked to create bags for a girl’s bridesmaids for her upcoming wedding. She wanted something that was not only functional, but pretty and fun. But wait, there’s more!

My Passion

facebook customer review 1aFor as long as I can remember, all of my life, I have been making and creating. As a child, I was always working on some art project, and then turning around and trying to sell it or turn it into a business. So I guess it’s no surprise that I ended up in a creative field, even after years spent in the corporate world. Although I enjoyed my career in analytics, I would constantly find myself counting down the time until I could get home and I could spend my nights painting, designing, printing – just creating in general! But wait, there’s more!