8 Wedding Planning Apps to Download After You Get Engaged

8 Wedding Planning Apps to Download After You Get Engaged

Eight Wedding Planning Apps to Download After You Get Engaged

Eight Wedding Planning Apps to Help You Prepare for Your Wedding

Wedding planning can be stressful. REALLY stressful. It can feel like a neverending list of to-dos and expenses during what should be one of the happiest times of your life. We’ve gathered eight apps that will help simplify you’re wedding planning and help take the stress out of the process, leaving more time for relaxing with your fiancé and mimosa dates with your bridesmaids!

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12 Songs Guaranteed to Get Everyone on the Dance Floor


12 Songs Guaranteed to Get Your Guests Dancing at Your Wedding

We’ve gathered the top songs that will be sure to get everyone, from your grandma to your friends, on the dance floor. Give these songs to your DJ before the wedding, or create your own playlist on your iPod to get the party started!
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Free Phone Wallpaper for the Bride to Be



Diamond Ring Phone Wallpaper for Brides


You’re engaged! Congrats! So many things to think about, plan, decisions to make, wedding ideas to pin… Before you do anything, download our adorable diamond ring phone wallpaper to make your wedding planning process that much cuter! Available for both iPhones and Android phones, this colorful background is hand painted and sure to get you in the wedding planning mood!
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Bridesmaid Emergency Kit Ideas

Bridesmaid Emergency Kit Ideas -

Bridesmaid Emergency Kit Ideas

If you’ve ever been a bridesmaid or a bride, chances are you’re already familiar with the idea of a wedding day survival kit. No matter how much you plan and how detailed of a day-of itinerary you have, wedding day hiccups are bound to happen.

From extra bobbi pins and hairspray to snacks and double-stick tape, you never know exactly what you might need, but with some of our ideas below, your bridesmaids will be better prepared for anything that the wedding day might throw their way!
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How to Choose Your Bridesmaids

Tips for Choosing Your Bridesmaids

Tips for Choosing Your Bridal Party

Since I’m not originally from Cincinnati and my home is in Washington I knew that not many of my friends and family would want to make the trek out to Ohio for my wedding. Choosing my bridesmaids was easy for me. They were both my best friends in college. My fiancé always thought that the number of bridesmaids and groomsman had to match but I’m not too worried about following tradition. Although he will have more people in his party than I will, I don’t think it will be or look strange at all. I mean who doesn’t love an unconventional wedding?

If you’re stuck on how to choose your bridal party, here’s my advice: think about what purpose the bridal party will serve in your wedding. Once you figure that out, it will become much easier to decide whom to ask. But wait, there’s more!

Wedding Color Inspiration: Kelly Green

Kelly Green Wedding Color Inspiration

Kelly green is such a rich, vibrant color, perfect for both Spring and Fall weddings. See our kelly green hued wedding picks below!
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